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Incapacity to redesign and fitting section, Al Musafi has abundantly prepared and qualified group for welding and fabrication. We offer different sorts of welding methodology and can outline and fabricate parts of different shapes and sizes. In the business sector, Al Musafi Engineering is known to take the challenging job and complete it successfully.

Our welding and fabrication department caters to various industries and services numerous different products including but not limited to:

Transport & earthmoving: Excavator buckets, boom, and trackpads.Dredging: Dredger structures, suction doors, and gate   valves.Oil & gas: Off-shore baskets, containers and storage tanks.Desalination: Storage tanks in structural steel & stainless steel.Power: Piping and ducting works (water, fuel, and exhaust).Cement/crusher: modification of equipment and plants.Marine: Piston crowns, exhaust valve spindles & seats and cylinder covers.Cranes: Overhead, gantries, and semi gantries


Al Musafi’s welding shop has different welding procedures to take into account distinctive applications and materials, these procedures include:

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) weldingMetal inert gas (MIG) welding, Electric arc welding, Submerged arc welding (SAW)Fusion welding, Plasma transferred arc (PTA)

Plasma Transferred Arc

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) is a procedure that makes a small heat affected zone (HAZ) with a short curve and in this way exchanges less heat to the part. This produces top notch stores with ideal insurance, negligible weakening and distortion of the base material. Parts, for example, exhaust valve spindles and seats, gate valves, butterfly valves, mechanical seals and extruder screws are repaired with Stellite, SS, Ni base composites utilizing PTA.


Our expert and qualified welders have method endorsements for manufacturing various diverse materials. Al Musafi’s manufacture yard regularly creates segments, for example, gate valves, dredger parts, buckets, off-shore baskets, cranes, containers, trailers, and silos. The fabrication division can finish jobs according to:

Drawings provided by the customerReverse engineering fabricated componentsRepairing broken or cracked components

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